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By | January 25, 2015

Hi! Wel come to AutoCAD Tip

Topic today: Setup some parameters in Options dialogue box

You should setup some parameters in Options dialogue box as photo below.

Tool >  Select Options.

Setup Options dialogue box-5

Run Options feature

Change Blok editor and Layout into black background is the same as model background.

Setup Options dialogue box-6

Setup Layout and Block editor background

Set automatically save after one minute.

Setup Options dialogue box-7

Setup Open and Save Options

Setup the right mouse button is the same as spacebar and enter button. To avoid a jump dimensions, you can uncheck Make new associative dimensions.

Setup Options dialogue box-4

Setup User preferences Options

Modify AutoSnap Marker size and Aperture size just enough to look and tick the box Ignore hatch objects“. You just uncheck this box only when needed start point hatch.
Setup Options dialogue box-1

Setup Drafting Options

Setup Pickbox size and Grip size is the same as image below. And tick the box “When a command is active” command to call the new preview function selection is enabled.

Setup Options dialogue box-8

Setup Selection Options

Default Units settings should be set to the millimeter copy objects from this file to file or this file insert into the other file which numbers don’t jump.

Setup options dialogue box-2

Setup default drawing unit Options

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