What is the difference between Mtext and Text in AutoCAD?

Hello Everyone Well come to AutoCADtip.com In the lesson today. I will introduce Mtext and Text attribute to you in AutoCAD. Well, Do you want to know it? Very simple. Mtext attribute is created by Mtext command. Mtex allowt input multiline paragraphic text. As the text is an entity, you can only select and editor the entire text. Text… Read More »

How to make Chamfer corner in AutoCAD?

Hi! Everyone In this lesson, I will introduce to you how to chamfer corner objects in AutoCAD. Some chamfer corner detail in building such as table, chair, equipment foundation… AutoCAD give a Chamfer command for users. So how to run this command? You can practice as prompt below. Command: Type CHA > Enter CHAMFER (TRIM mode) Current chamfer Dist1… Read More »

How to convert Line into Polyline?

Hi! Well come back AutoCADtip.com Previously lesson, you are introduced How to convert Polyline into Line. So, Do you convert Line into Polyline? Answer is Yes. AutoCAD give a Pedit command. You can use this command to convert Line to Polyline and do as prompt below Command: Type PE > Enter PEDIT Select polyline or [Multiple]: Select one Line… Read More »

How to convert Polyline into Line?

Hi! Well come back AutoCADTip.com In this lesson, I will help you how to convert Polyline into Line. Polyline is lines that it is made from Polyline command (Pline command) and Rectangular command. You can see figures as below. You can use Explode command to convert this polylines into lines Step 1: Type X > Enter Step 2:… Read More »

How to add Plotter in AutoCAD 2014?

Hi! Everyone In this lesson, I will give a steps tutorials how to add a plotter in AutoCAD 2014. Almost of printers auto to connect to all software application such as Microsoft office, Photoshop, 3D max, Revit architecture,.. and AutoCAD is too. If you are sure that printer driver installed but you don’t find this plotter when printing.… Read More »