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How to generate hatch boundary?

Thanks for visiting my blog! Tips today: How to generate hatch boundary in AutoCAD? Select hatch object Click right of the mouse Select Generate Boundary is complete Very simple, good luck to you!

How to convert Text to Mtext in AutoCAD 2014?

In some case, you want to convert Text to Mtext attribute. Because if you use a Text , it will decrease a drawing of size. However, Text don’t allow formatting font style. Today I will help you to convert Text to Mtext. You can do tutorial steps as following: Step 1: Select all text Step 2: Click on… Read More »

Filter command tutorial in AutoCAD

Filter shortcut is FI. Filter is the same Quick Select basic feature and have a lot of properties. Filter command apply to select object quickly in AutoCAD drawing. You can set multiple conditional filters at once time. Quick Select only allow you to apply one conditional filter at a time. Filter follow that you need to apply another… Read More »