Update some new features AutoCAD 2016

By | April 7, 2015

Autodesk issued AutoCAD 2016 version. This is really good information. You will see a lot of posts about it on the website, forum and social network. Now you can bookmark this new features AutoCAD 2016 on  our website to watch the updated articles, guides AutoCAD 2016 tutorials.

New features AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2016 version

What is new features of AutoCAD 2016? How to use this features?

a. Snap to geometric center – start point in geometric center

To compare with the previous version. This is a new feature. It allows you to snap point at the center of objects such as triangles, squares, polygons. You use the GCE command to carry that.

b. Add a new option for the command REVCLOUD

REVCLOUD command give some new options to us. You can easily create cloud version rectangle or polygon.

c. Smart dimensioning

When you drag over or select object, it will automatically show the needed Dimension.

d. Higher quality graphics display

Autocad 2016 has some improvements to the graphics card. It uses more GPU to build the road curves and line-weights.

e. Coordination models

With AutoCAD 2016 version, you can attach NavisWorks models and BIM360 (.NWC, .NWD) directly into AutoCAD by using CMATTACH command. The group features “underlay BIM” did a great job providing the ability to attach large models with very good performance.

f. PDF feature of AutoCAD 2016 improved

AutoCAD 2016 create better PDF files. They are created quickly through print or export functions. PDF file size is smaller than. It often decrease half the size or less than the version of autocad 2015.

We can search and choose text from the PDF file. In addition, you can find the SHX text.

The link is embedded into drawing. They remain when you export into PDF file.

h. Rendering feature of AutoCAD 2016  improved

A lot of works has been done on the rendering feature. In this version, AutoCAD 2016 has simplified the options available. It has created a preset handy and put the light on the image. A lot of the improvements related to our integration engine in Autodesk AutoCAD RapidRT.

g. Help feature of AutoCAD 2016 improved

Very handy with “user interface finder”. It capability to build in documentations of our users has been extended to find pretty much anything in the AutoCAD user interface, including the items on the menu and status bar application.

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