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How to convert Mtext to Text in AutoCAD 2014?

Sometime you want to convert Mtext to Text in the drawing. So, How to do that? In the lesson today, I will help you do that. Ok, let’s start! Type EX (Explode command) > Enter > Select  paragraphic text > Enter. So, only use Explode command can convert Mtext to Text. Very simple. If you have other way,… Read More »

What is the difference between Mtext and Text in AutoCAD?

Hello Everyone Well come to AutoCADtip.com In the lesson today. I will introduce Mtext and Text attribute to you in AutoCAD. Well, Do you want to know it? Very simple. Mtext attribute is created by Mtext command. Mtex allowt input multiline paragraphic text. As the text is an entity, you can only select and editor the entire text. Text… Read More »

Create new text style in AutoCAD 2014

In the previously post, you are introduced How to add new scale in AutoCAD. Next to go, I will help everyone to create a text style in an AutoCAD drawing. You can save into a drawing template and then it can be used in all future drawings. CAD allow you copy text style from this drawing to other… Read More »