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By | October 28, 2015

How to save block as dwg or as separate file?

The widget of Block I’ve already said in “introduce to Block” series so in this tutorial, I will not say it again. In this tutorial, I will guide you how to save block into file to use for other drawing – similar to saving blocks into computer as a library we have just created. When working with new drawings, instead of creating new blocks, we just go to the library, retrieve and apply to the drawings.

To save block as dwg or separate files to use for other drawings, you follow steps below:

-> Type shortcut: W > Enter

-> Pop up a window named Write Block.

save block autocad

Write Block Dialog box

-> Click Block bar, choose Block’s name you want to save.

-> Click on symbol in “File name and path” to detect saving location.

-> Choose unit which is needed to save for Block at “Insert units” (we should choose millimeters unit).

-> Click OK.

-> Block will be saved at the folder you chose on the computer

-> When working with a new drawing as you want to insert block into that drawing, you type shortcut: I and follow “how to insert block into CAD drawing” tutorial.

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