New feature AutoCAD 2016 – GCE, REVCLOUD, Smart Dimension

By | October 13, 2017

What is new feaure in AutoCAD 2016?

AutoCAD 2016 released on 3/23/2015. Currently, some website introduces about new features in AutoCAD. You can search with ” What is new in AutoCAD 2016?” keyword on Google. I also find and collect some new features in 2016 version. In this article, AutoCAD Tutorial Free blog will introduce three features in this version.

1. Snap to geometric center command

This command is a new snap mode compared to the previous version Autodesk AutoCAD. This mode allows us to Snap to geometric center as triangles, squares, polygons.

Type GCE > Enter and then click on the geometric center.

2. Smart dimensioning

Smart dimensioning is a new command which was added in AutoCAD 2016 version. When we perform Smart dimensioning commands, We only need to drag mouse over or click to select object. AutoCAD 2016 will auto to display a dimension line.

Type DIM > Enter and then select object.

3. REVCLOUD command

With this new innovation, we can easily create cloud rectangular or polygon. Or we can easily change the geometry of a previous Revcloud to suit the new brush strokes incurred.

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