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Lesson today: LTS, PSLTSCALE, CELTSCALE, MSLSCALE variables in AutoCAD

Modifying dashed line in AutoCAD is that we use option to change the space value of dashes. With this option, we can stretch the space value of dashes in CAD to have a clearer view when zooming or printing. In some cases, we have to decrease that value to display clearer. It’s just simple to say, but many people don’t know which command to use to draw dashed line in cad as well as how to adjust dashed line’s size in AutoCAD. To understand the meaning of this tutorial, you should read about setting line type for AutoCAD drawing to have basic knowledge before going deeply into how to modify dashed line in CAD and use its variable correctly.

Modifying dashed line in AutoCAD.

To modifying dashed line, AutoCAD supports us 4 variables related to display Line Type Scale. Now, we will learn the meaning of each variable:

LineType Scale (LTS): this variable will affect all dashed line types in your drawing. So, if you want to adjust just one dashed line type among many line types in drawing, you should not use this command. Some people draw by scaling the frame or arbitrarily adjusting LTS variable without noticing about changing other dashed lines, so afterward their drawing will be damaged and no longer look like itself before. So when using LTS in cad, be care and avoid ruining the whole drawing unreasonably.
PSLTSCALE: this variable helps AutoCAD to automatically change Line Type Scale of objects in viewport equal to viewport ratio. Its strength is to help all dashed lines in viewport mode have the same view ratio. Mentioning about viewport, we immediately think about layout, right? Yes, it is often used when CAD drawer use layout to print.
CELTSCALE: this variable helps to modify dashed line in CAD individually, which means it only functions on new drawing object, and for those which drew earlier if you want to adjust, you must use the property table of that object to change.
MSLSCALE: This is the variable that regulates the function of displaying Line Type Scale of dashed line in Model Environment equal to Annotition(?) Scale ratio. Normally, drawer will combine this variable with PSLTSCALE variable in section 2.

Some tips when using variable to modify dashed line in CAD

  • With the drawing method using Model Scale Image, you should set all above variables to 1.
  • With the drawing method using Model Scale Frame, you should set variables with following values:

+ LineType Scale (LTS): 1


+ CELTSCALE: depends on image ratio


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