How to take attributes from available drawing to new drawing

By | October 7, 2017

I call AutoCAD’s attributes as Layer, Dimstyle, Style Text, Block, Xref … When you create a new drawing but you have not a lot of time for setting up a new drawing. So we choose how to get attributes from other available drawings is very unkind. For this way, you just click to choose what you need. After a mouse click, the attributes needed are automatically added to the new drawing. It will be an integral part of the new drawing.
How to take attributes from available drawing to new drawing in CAD?

AutoCAD software support us a DESIGNCENTER feature. You can use DESIGNCENTER to take attributes from the available drawings. With this tool, you can take layers from an existing CAD drawing to a new drawing, the Dimstyle from the other drawing to the drawing you are working on, the text style into the drawing, the block from the drawing to the current drawing.


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How to take Layer attribute?

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How to take Dimstyle attribute?

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