How to restore classic workspace AutoCAD 2015?

By | April 23, 2015

If you installed CAD 2015, you won’t find classic workspace as previously version. This problem will  cause some difficult for using AutoCAD 2017 people.

How to restore classic workspace AutoCAD 2015?

Restore classic workplace AutoCAD 2015 interface

AutoCAD 2015 interface

If your PC is using a older AutoCAD version than, you can move setting to CAD 2015. It will include your workspace. Because it is saved as your CUI file.

After installing CAD, first time to start, you will look a dialogue box about Migrate Custom Settings. In the tutorial below, I only activate CUI file and turn off remain things.

Choose "Migrate Custom Settings",Restore classic workplace AutoCAD 2015-1

Choose “Migrate Custom Settings”

After first time to start, you turn of Migrate Custom Setting dialogue box when don’t activate above tutorial. You don’t worry about that. You can activate it as following:

Click Start -> All Program – > Autodesk ->  AutoCAD 2015 English. Browser will find in the CAD 2015 folder and choose Migrate Custom Setting. Finally, Click on Migrate From a Previous Release.

After you move above setup information, you will see AutoCAD 2014 workspace.

Restore classic workplace AutoCAD 2015-2

Show workplace AutoCAD 2014

In the apparition dialogue box, you can do Rename, Delete or Copy by click on right mouse button workplace which need to modify.

Restore classic workplace AutoCAD 2015 customize

AutoCAD 2015 customize

Now you can choose Classic Workspace in AutoCAD 2015.

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