How to repair Fatal error AutoCAD?

By | September 24, 2015

One of the most annoying mistake of AutoCAD is a Fatal error. A serious error of type forced to exit the program. The following article would introduce some causes Fatal error and how to fix Fatal error in AutoCAD, is based on Autodesk help.

Fatal error occurs when you are using a command or function. It appears an error message with “AutoCAD aborting error” title, “Fatal error … 0x …, or Fatal error: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x …” content and a single “Ok” button.

Fatal error AutoCAD

Fatal error

A next notice with AutoCAD Alert title notifies you of AutoCAD can not continue the program. You can still restore the drawing files which are working with the extension recover. If you choose Yes button (you should choose yes to accept jobs saved). Then the whole program and the AutoCAD drawings will be escaped. If you want to reopen and restore the drawing files, you have to find the first file but it will append the extension _recover. However, not all of your files will be saved completely, it depends on whether the regime set up automatically and the length of time the program automatically stores called last autosave saved before the error occurred.

AutoCAD error Aborting

AutoCAD error Aborting

Fatal error is a very interesting error occurs. If you search on Google or on forums will see how to repair from users. Fatal error occurs with all users worldwide. This error occurs with all versions of AutoCAD, including licensed versions. However it seems to be fewer with AutoCAD 2014, AutoCAD 2015 version.

What is the cause of error?

1. When we press Shift and press the middle mouse simultaneously.

2. When you use Orbit or 3D Orbit funtions

3. In the printing process, if the printer does not specify right or not find ploter.

How to repair Fatal error AutoCAD?

1. You should activate Automatic save function. when Fatal error occurs, AutoCAD will make a recover file.

2. You need the addition of the way as installing the .NET frame work 3.0, 4.0 or higher, the standard, properly update your video adapter, install additional updates AutoCAD, AutoCAD fixes …

3. You should use use clean sample drawing files, the best way according to my experience, then you should manually create the file as self-created drawing template, such as template name frames without copying from any source.

4. You can do the following Autodesk of instruction.

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