How to reduce dwg file size?

By | July 10, 2015

When working with AutoCAD, sometimes you may find that your files have been unusually large. Drawing file of size is too large which will give more difficult for you. It can make slow your system even lead to application crashed or shut down. Another reason why you want to reduce dwg file of size cad is easy to attach in mail or upload to sharing other services. So let’s see what we can do to reduce the file size of AutoCAD. This article will guide you to reduce the file size of your cad. Specifically as following:

Reduce dwg file size

How to reduce dwg file of size?

1. AUDIT – Be used to check for drawing

AUDIT not reduce file size. But it is encouraged to check the file before proceeding with other processes. It will maintain the integrity of the drawing and fix the errors which may prevent to remove unnecessary objects.
Command: AUDIT or File> Drawing Utilities> Audit.
Now the program will ask: Fix any errors detected? [Yes / No] <N>: You choose Y and press enter. AutoCAD will continue to scan drawings and fix the errors that RECOVER command can not be fixed. You perform this operation several times until AutoCAD don’t find errors.

2. PURGE – Be used to clean for drawing

After executing a Audit commad to check the drawing you can run the Purge command to scan the drawing.
Command: PURGE(PU) > Press enter or File > Drawing Utilities > Purge
AutoCAD will open a dialog box as shown. As you can see in the list, you can purge or remove objects not used as: Block, all kinds of lines, Dim, text, materials and the layer ….To remember, if you still need to use one of them, do not select Purge All.

3. Purge regapps

REGAPPS abbreviates a registered applications. Type -PU > Enter > R > Enter > Enter > Y > Enter. In many cases, Purge regapps can significantly reduce the file size.

4. WBlock

Purge command will remove unused objects. WBlock will work other features. By this command, you select the object that you need and save it to a new clean files. So you leave a surplus in the source file.
You can activate by typing WBLock then press Enter. Use this command is very similar to creating a new Block. This command has been given to create a new block in addition to the current drawing and save DWG files new one, but we can use it for this purpose as well. I would advise you to choose the object you want to record to a new file. Don’t type ALL when AutoCAD asks you to select the object.

5. Some problem relates dwg file of size

If you’ve followed all above the instructionsbut. You think that your files are still large. So your dwg file have a problem. There are also some problems related to file size this cumbersome. Some commonly problems are:

DGN lineweight

Another problem may be caused as DWG files increase in size is due DGN file linetype. This can happen if you work with DWG files that contain DGN linetype. To overcome, you please install the hotfix DGN hotfix. You can download the hotfix on Autodesk’s website.

Other optimize

Clear the filter layers (filter), Delete group, delete the layer state managers, split image files and xrefs

Why does DWG file size grow up?

A cad file will grow if complex drawings which contain many objects. Especially if you work with 3D models. However, if your drawing is pretty simple, but the larger the file size of 10 MB, make sure it is with a certain problem.
In addition to increasing the size problem cad files that I presented above, if you have no other way to reduce the file size cad. Please share your experience with us here!

Thank you for visting AutoCAD Tutorials Blog, good successful to you!

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  1. Autocad Classes

    Thanks for sharing awesome way to reduce dwg file size. I was looking for same from many hours and finally now i have able to do it. I have created one file and size of the file became so big that cant able to send in email so wanted to reduce it.


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