How to Paste, Link, Embed in AutoCAD

By | October 7, 2017

When do you use Embed, Paste and Link feature? and How to Paste, Link, Embed in AutoCAD?

Embed: the object is inserted into the drawing which will be able to open to the source program when you want to edit them. It means when you double-clicks on that object, the source program will be opened and now you can edit them.

Paste: Objects are inserted into the drawing when you do not want to connect to the source program. Commonly to be used when you only want to display them without editing, or those objects can be edited with AutoCAD.

Link: Objects are inserted into the drawing as a link. CAD does not save the object but only saves the path to the object file location. When the source file is changed, the change is updated in the AutoCAD file.

All of the Pasting, Linking, and Embedding Objects options are in the Options section of the Paste special feature. Link and Embed are like OLE.

How to embed objects into AutoCAD?

Method 1:

From AutoCAD, select the Insert > OLE object to open Insert Object dialog box (or you can use the INSERTOBJ command). (The entries listed in this dialog box depend on the applications you have installed on your computer.)

Method 2:

You can select the source application and then select Copy

Switch to CAD, select Edit > Pates special > select Embed.

Method 3:

Mark the part of the data which you want to insert into CAD and then press Ctrl and drag into CAD.

How to Link data into AutoCAD?

-> Select the source application, select Copy

-> Switch to CAD, select Edit > Pates special > select Link.

How to Past data into AutoCAD?

-> Copy object

-> Open CAD > Edit > Pates special > List appears depending on the source application.

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