How to open all DWG files by AutoCAD 2007?

By | May 18, 2015

Currently, a lot of AutoCAD version is issued such as AutoCAD 2015 or AutoCAD 2016. But with many users, just AutoCAD 2007 was sufficient for deployment, design 2D drawing. AutoCAD 2007 is still a lot of users.

However, there is a rather inconvenient points. AutoCAD 2007 can not be read DWG files as being saved from the new AutoCAD version. If the user cad new versions are not set to the correct save mode version.

In this case, you can ask your partner to correct transfer file format and then send it back to you, or it can use some software to view and edit files autodesk AutoCAD been independently developed as Autodesk 360 , DWG TrueView … that Blog building previously introduced.

To avoid a trouble for partner to convert the file to a more active and in work. Today, AutoCADtip blog will introduce the plugin read AutoCAD files named DWGgateway. This is a software that can read all versions and especially totally free so you have more options than in the use.

DWGgateway – Plugin help read dwg files of high life on cad cad 2007/2004

dwggateway plugin install

dwggateway plugin install

DWGgateway is a free software easily installed was developed by SolidWorks Corporation. This is software that makes it easy to read DWG file from AutoCAD 2009 all editions, AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD 2013, AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD 2015. The special feature of this software is very compact and is integrated into AutoCAD 2007 / autocad 2004 as a plugin to run on, not run independently AutoCAD.

Some salient features of the program DWGgateway:

  • As a tool to switch between formats of CAD design software.
  • Convert safe and quickly find the files.
  • Support for file editing on software design.
  • Small size, easy installation, suitable for all Windows OS.

Download DWGGateway Plugin

dwggateway plugin activation

dwggateway plugin activation

DWGgateway menu -> Open any DWG version.

dwggateway plugin open

dwggateway plugin open

Save As You go back to the CAD DWG 2007 format for easy use later on.

Thus apart from Autodesk 360, TrueView .dwg here you can add a further option is to use Dwggateway, you just try to get a realistic appraisal and objective than offline.

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    Hi autocad
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  2. Stanciu

    Hi Paul,I was also glad what improvements and feetruas Autodesk have done until I came to Appearences.I am a week with Inventor 2013 but did not start to work yet.So far I still have unseccessful atempts to return simple colors I used to have in 2012.The simpliest custom libraries I am trying to make in different ways either do not work or make Inventor to crush. All I want is ability to choose between BLACK, RED, GREEN and etc withot reflection, bumps and ather stuff instead of Anodized Aluminiun Red plus reflection and transparentand St Elmo’s fire with tiny stars arround for example Regards, Orest


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