How to make a custom Linetype in AutoCAD 2018

By | August 18, 2017


How to make a custom linetype in AutoCAD 2018?

Here, you can do the following steps

1. Create some lines

2. Type MAKELTYPE > EnterĀ  Or Express tools > Tools > Make Linetype on the Ribbon.

How to make linetype autocad 2018

Express tools > Make Linetype

3. Specify a name for a new .LIN

4. Specify a name for the new linetype

5. Give the new linetype a description

6. Specify the starting point

7. Specify the end point

8. Select the geometry that is between the 2 picked points.

9. Enter

10. Test

Very easy and This is video tutorial how to make a custom linetype in CAD 2018.

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