How to learn AutoCAD by yourself?

By | June 29, 2015

I think that if you are a engineer, you will know some software such as Revit, 3D Max, AutoCAD, Sketch up. AutoCAD is one of softwares sample and the most easy. You can learn it by yourself. In this post, AutoCAD Tutorial Blog will guide ways to learn this software best. Ok! let’s start.

Learn AutoCAD

How to learn AutoCAD by yourself?

First, you must know what AutoCAD is. Because you have to understand what it is then you take what you need its.

Second, I can find AutoCAD tutorial videos on enternet and practice follow this videos every day.

Third: You must read AutoCAD commands frequently.

Fourth: You have to use a basic commands fluently such as Line, Copy, Mirror, Offset… to draw basic objects.

Finally: You should practice CAD commands regularly

Thank you for vistiting AutoCAD  Tutorial Blog and good successful to you!

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