How to fix AutoCAD Snap error?

By | July 21, 2017

Error Snap in AutoCAD

I still snap normal while you drawing. But when you zoom abject, it doesn’t snap. It seems that it is only adjacent to each other but not intersecting. Also you can not snap points in AutoCAD. Select the top point on the object and draw it without knowing it has caught one yet. When done, zoom in and see the object has not delivered.

AutoCAD Snap Error 01

Before zooming

AutoCAD Snap Error 02

After zooming


The cause of the error phenomenon when capturing points in AutoCAD is usually by the user. This bug you learn AutoCAD or encounter. Cause the phenomenon to catch the point without crossing is due to setting the fineness of the stroke. When the smoothness is low, the oblique lines or circles are often folded. When zooming near you will see non-intersecting points even though the capture mode was turned on. This error should refer to the article to increase the smoothness of the drawing in AutoCAD to know how to fix. That article I wrote in detail about how to set parameters to increase the sharpness of the painting.

In case you can not catch the point when you draw most of the time you have not turned on resident mode. To enable resident mode capture in AutoCAD you follow the instructions below.

Another case I did not mention above but also often. That is the AutoCAD mode in CAD jumping around. You can not catch midpoints in AutoCAD. This means that you want to catch midpoints, but AutoCAD just jumps back and forth on the straight line. Generally of this type of error is that you can not capture the point in your mind in AutoCAD.

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