Error Unknow command all AutoCAD version

By | March 18, 2016

How to fix error Unknown command all AutoCAD version?

We usually got some error related to unable to call command on AutoCAD. When you call shortcut and then Enter but there is an announcement “Unknown command “XX”. Press F1 for help”. This error is common for most of commands.

For example you call command L to request Line, AutoCAD displays a notification “L Unknown command “L”. Press F1 for help” or call M to request Move, it says “M Unknown command “M”. Press F1 for help”, or call C to request Copy “C Unknown command “C”. Press F1 for help”. With other commands, it will be some such similar announcements.

You can google it with some keys such as: AutoCAD cannot call commands; call command displaying “Unknown Command “XX”. Press F1 for help” on AutoCAD; my AutoCAD displays “Unknown Command “XX”. Press F1 for help”; cannot call commands on AutoCAD 2016… All your concern is begin due to the main reason below:

The season why you can not call command on AutoCAD.

Because during using, you or someone else has changed the shortcut file of system, so when you call old shortcut, AutoCAD is unable to retrieve what you want. This is the same as the case when we mistake the address, we never find the destination.

Solution to fix unable to call command error on AutoCAD

To fix that bug, you can do as instruction below:

Step 1: On the working screen of AutoCAD, select Manage menu

Step 2: Click on Edit Eliases to open acad.pgp file

error unknown command autocad

Step 3: At acad.pgp file interface (usually open with Notepad software), you search for commands which is error, then change those shortcuts at the left column as you want. This is similar to changing shortcut on AutoCAD, so if anyone has done it before, I think you won’t get any troubles.

Step 4: After changing, press Ctrl + S to save changes and try to call shortcut to request the one you’ve changed on AutoCAD.

I hope this tutorial will help you to fix unable to call command error on AutoCAD that you’re dealing with.

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