Drawing Tips and Tricks quickly|AutoCAD Tip

By | January 30, 2015

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Topic today:  Drawing Tips and Tricks quickly|AutoCAD Tip

Drawing Tips and Tricks quickly

Tips and Tricks AutoCAD

Do you want to daw the best quickly? If you want to do, you can do tips the following:

1. Use the shortcut command.
2. Set parameters in the dialogue box option.
3. Only remember the popular command.
4. Use the popupar Lisp.
5. Use Wipeout feature (When you draw some equiptment WC).
6. Use Zoom to fix feature is double middle mouse.
7. To assign a current layer, you shounld use LAYMCUR command.
8. Use LAYISO command to select objects when you run hatch command.
9. In the process of drawing, you should use Shift + right mouse button to run Osnap feature.
10. Use the right mouse or Space key instead of using Enter key.
11. During the process of drawing, you can call previouly command by using Space or Enter or Right mouse.
12. You should save two file consist of (*.ctb) and (*.dwg).
13. During the process of work, you should prepare block library.
14. You can use Q,W,E,R,T,A,S,D,F,G, Z,X,C,V,B key for shortcut command. Because these keys is near your left hand.
15. Use Wipeout command to hide object area. You should not use Trim command.
16. To select the object below other objects, you need to select all objects, press Shift and click to remove the object above.
17. Use the command (don’t use icons), you need to turn off all icons.
18. The left hand only input data and type command. Right hand only use mouse.

So, I had introduced basic eighteen AutoCAD tips. You can try this tips. I hope that you will improve your CAD kills.

Good success to you!

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