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By | September 8, 2016

65 AutoCAD Tips is helpfull document for all users. I find it on Google. You can download 65 AutoCAD Tips with “40 AutoCAD Tips in Minutes” keyword. I hope that it will help you to improve AutoCAD skill.

Content of 65 AutoCAD Tips:

1. AutoComplete (Tab to cycle).

2. Arrow to move up and down command list.

3. Control+9 to toggle command line on/off.

4. Right Click on the command line to retrieve previous commands from the shortcut menu.

5. Move Model space/Layout tabs to the Status bar for more screen real estate.

6. Dynamic editing of Layout Tabs

7. Drag and Drop layout tabs to Sheet Set

8. Maximizing Viewports.

9. Taskbar to 1.

10. Customize the Quick Access Toolbar for maximum productivity.

11. Search for commands in the Application Menu.

12. Quickly create a Tool Palette of your blocks in Design Center.

13. Drag and Drop blocks to your Tool Palette.

14. Set up tools to automatically scale to your drawing.

15. Drag and Drop Hatch patterns to your Tool Palette.

16. Drag and Drop a Dimension.

17. Easily customize your icon with an existing image file.

18. Bonus tip.

19. Customize your Layer Columns

20. Layer States for maximum productivity

21. Applying Layer States per Viewport


23. Layer Translater (LAYTRANS)

24. LAYWALK (View layers individually)




28. Autodesk Seek

29. JOIN command (Glue)


31. CHANGE command to shorten/lengthen

32. Highlight objects and use a right click to Move and Copy

33. Speedy Array (Control key)

34. Shift for more than one hot grip

35. Speedy Trims/Extends

36. More Trim/Extend

37. Fast Corners using Shift in FILLET command

38. FILTERS command


40. OSNAPZ to replace Z Value with Current Elevation




44. Default Template File for QNEW

45. Right Click Customization

46. Speed up drawings with Annotative Scaling

47. TEXTTOFRONT command

48. HATCHTOBACK command

49. AutoFill AutoCAD Tables

50. Tables wrap automatically over multiple columns

51. Control the Text Sample string with MTJIGSTRING

52. Fade External References (by default – they are faded by 70% in 2011) XDWGFADECTL

53. Use OSNAP Tracking to quickly find the center of a box


55. Reverse Search for Xrefs

56. The Magical QDIM command

57. Zoomwheel

58. Zoomfactor


60. Turn your mouse into a Joy Stick with Ctrl+Wheel

61. Double Click for Zoom Extents

62. Control+R to cycle through all of your viewports

63. Control+A to select all the objects in your drawing

64. Tab to cycle through object snaps

65. Hold down right mouse button to clear grips.

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