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Xline command in AutoCAD

The XLINE command or also call construction line is same RAY command. It creates rays with no endpoints and always extends to the edges of the screen. Because there is no endpoint, the object snap feature formatted will only work with the midpoint setting which will snap to the first through point. How to use XLINE command in… Read More »

Ray command in AutoCAD

Ray command in AutoCAD is used to draw a ray precisely same Xline command but not limited endpoint. Ray is used to make a line alignment when you draw a projection. In addition, you can use this command to draw lines with angle anything. Step 1: Start the command Click Draw on toolbars > choose Ray Or type… Read More »

How to change workplace color in AutoCAD 2012

Challenge: Change workplace’s color Solution: In AutoCAD follow to change workplace’s color with Option feature. Step 1: Type shortcut is OP or click Tool > choose Option > show Options dialog box. Step 2: Click Display > Color > show Drawing window color dialog box. Step 3: Click 2D model space > click Uniform background > choose color… Read More »

Control cursor in AutoCAD

Challenge: control cursor’s color, crosshair size, pick box size Solution: in AutoCAD follow you do those. You can change cursor’s color, size very easy so that according with your wish. Option command will help you do those as following: Cursor’s color: The default cursor’s color is white Access option dialog box, click display > color > 2D model… Read More »

Delete layer in AutoCAD

Hi! In previously lessons, I have guided  to create new layer in Autocad.Today, AutoCAD Tutorial will help to delete a layer in AutoCAD. layer in a drawing if you do not use ,you should delete it. some on the drawing layer is not removed as layer 0, currently  layer and layers are used for objects. Step 1: Open… Read More »

Create new layer in AutoCAD

Hi! Welcome back to AutoCAD Tutorial Layer in AutoCAD is very important. Due to you should know create and management it. The LAYER command allows you to create multiple layers to draw on. It also allows you to control the color, line type, activity, and visibility of individual layers. Today I will help you how to create… Read More »