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How to use mouse in AutoCAD

Left Mouse Button Used to pick or select objects in drawing AutoCAD and perform as following: Step 1: Click the left mouse button to select an object area in the drawing. Step 2: Press ESC twice to deselect an object (or to cancel a command). Right Mouse Button When you click the right mouse button to repeat last… Read More »

Save as drawing in AutoCAD

Challenge: save an existing drawing into other name, for example: beam.dwg > beam detail.dwg Solution: In AutoCAD follow to change an existing drawing’s name. There are two ways: 1st way: Click File > choose Save as 2nd way: Type shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + S Show Save drawing as > choose position to Save in > change… Read More »

Save drawing in AutoCAD

When you open AutoCAD, there is an existing sheet called “Drawing1.dwg”. You can work on this sheet and then save it by one of three ways. 1st way: Click File > choose Save 2nd way: Click Save icon on toolbar 3rd way: Type shortcut is Ctrl + S Show Save drawing as > choose position to Save in… Read More »

How to Type command in AutoCAD

All AutoCAD commands can be typed in at the command line. Commands have shortcut keys that can enter shortcut command or type command sentence. So commands have not shortcut that only type command sentence Step 1: Type the desired command at the command prompt. Command: COPY Or Type the command’s alias. Command: CO Step 2: Type an option… Read More »

Tutorial install AutoCAD 2012

To use AutoCAD 2012 software, you need to install on your computer. Today, I give a tutorial to you how to install AutoCAD 2012. Ok let’s start! Step 1: Run setup.exe file. Step 2: Choose install this on computer. Step 3: Choose country or region > click I Accept icon > next. Step 4: Input product information: serial… Read More »