Helpful AutoCAD Tips and Tricks you should know for everyday users

1. How to save block as dwg?

To save block as dwg or separate files to use for other drawings, you follow steps below:

Type shortcut: W > Enter and then Pop up a window named Write Block. Read more it here.

2. How to remove layers in AutoCAD?

With these layers, you can delete these layers as previously lesson, but this way will lose much time. The quickest way to remove unused layers that use the PURGE command in AutoCAD. This command will search for all layers that are empty and unreferenced anywhere in the drawing AutoCAD. Read more it here.

3. How to recover a drawing in AutoCAD?

Because of some objective reasons (losing electricity, computer issue) or subjective reasons (unintentionally turn off the computer), AutoCAD is shut down without saving drawing and wasting your effort that time. Then, you don’t know what to do to recover that drawing. In this Article, I will guide you how to recover a drawing. Read more it here.

4. How to reduce dwg file size?

When working with AutoCAD, sometimes you may find that your files have been unusually large. Drawing file of size is too large which will give more difficult for you. It can make slow your system even lead to application crashed or shut down. Another reason why you want to reduce dwg file of size cad is easy to attach in mail or upload to sharing other services. So let’s see what we can do to reduce the file size of AutoCAD. Read more it here.

5. Layoff, Layiso and Layon in AutoCAD

With Layoff, Layios and Layon command will help you turn off and turn on any layers in AutoCAD. These command is very helpful for all users. Read more it here.

6. How to add Font into AutoCAD?

If you want to change text’s font in the drawing, you can add more font into AutoCAD easily. Read more it here.

7. How to convert Text to Mtext in AutoCAD?

In some case, you want to convert Text to Mtext attribute. Because if you use a Text , it will decrease a drawing of size. However, Text don’t allow formatting font style. Read more it here.

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 8. How to modify linetype scale in model space and viewport same?

Do you want to modify linetype scale in model space and paper space or other viewport the same? In this series, I will help everyone do this. You will be introduced two ways. Read more it here.

9. How to control color in AutoCAD drawing?

In this series, you will introduced tutorials how to control color in AutoCAD drawing. it very simple. Each layer has a color associated with it. Using different colors for different layers helps you visually distinguish different information in the drawing. An object’s color also may control which pens are used during plotting. Read more it here.

10. How to convert Line into Polyline in AutoCAD?

Previously lesson, you are introduced How to convert Polyline into Line. So, Do you convert Line into Polyline? Answer is Yes. AutoCAD give a Pedit command. You can use this command to convert Line to Polyline and do as prompt below. Read more it here.

11. How to convert Polyline into Line in AutoCAD?

In this lesson, I will help you how to convert Polyline into Line. Polyline is lines that it is made from Polyline command (Pline command) and Rectangular command. You can see figures as below. Read more it here.

AutoCAD 2015 Trial

AutoCAD 2015 Trial

12. How to turn off Proxy information notification in AutoCAD?

When does Proxy information notification appear? What is Proxy? How to turn off Proxy Information notification? Read more it here.

13. How to fix AutoCAD Snap error?

I still snap normal while you drawing. But when you zoom abject, it doesn’t snap. It seems that it is only adjacent to each other but not intersecting. Also you can not snap points in AutoCAD. Select the top point on the object and draw it without knowing it has caught one yet. When done, zoom in and see the object has not delivered. Read more here.

14. How to calculate total length of polylines with AutoLisp?

You have a lot of separate polylines in the drawing. How do you calculate its total? I will introduce a lisp to you. It will help you to calculate length of polylines. Read more here.

15. How to fix Hatch holes in AutoCAD 2018?

Step 1: Select the Hatch.

Step 2: Click the Remove button in the Hatch Editor on the Ribbon tab.

Read more here.

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