AutoCAD error and tip fix error

By | June 3, 2017
AutoCAD error and tip fix error

AutoCAD error and tip fix error

AutoCAD error and Tip fix error in the use of process is a important problem. I think that you need to research. I believe that anyone also meet this problem when working with AutoCAD. In this article, I will summary AutoCAD errors and tips fix this errors. You can also find contents on some social network, some website.

1. Error Fillet command can not use

Tip fix error: the first, you use the Flatten command and then Fillet again

2. Error Move command: You can not move a object to co-ordinate (0;0)

Tip fix error: Press F12 and then Move command again.

3. Error Dimension: Object’s dimensions change position when you copy or move.

Tip fix error: Error associate dimensions in AutoCAD

4. Error don’t trim Hatch

Tip fis error: You can create simple Boundary lines or a new Boundary line.

5. Error using Customer Hatch Pattern (due to wrong file name)

Tip fix error: You can open “name.pat” formated with the Notepad program and then you edit the first line similar to file’s name. For example: File name is “wood001.pat“, the first line must be “*wood001,…“.

6. Error don’t show tool bar

Tip fir error: Ctrl + 0

7. Error don’t show command line

Tip fix error: How to show command line on surface AutoCAD

8. Error upside text is down

Tip fix error: Text opposite when use mirror command AutoCAD

9. Error don’t run command when you select object before.

Tip fix error: PICKFIRST > 1> Enter

10. Error don’t understand command.

Tip fix error: Using Redefine command

11.  Error don’t Pan when press Middle of mouse

Tip fix error: MBUTTONPAN > 1 > Enter

12. Error shows “PRODUCTED BY AUTODESK …”


13. Error Xref is opacity

Tip fix error: Using XDWGFADECTL command

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